Saturday, September 06, 2003

The Bench Connection

Watched "Rad" again. It was even better than last weeks programme and made me want to take up skateboarding straight away. Sadly I don't have the figure for it, or a skateboard. That could all change soon though...

For lunch I had 99-pence pizza. It was quite good and was certainly better than anything I ate in Italy. Met up with some of Norfolk's most elite hackers and chilled in the city centre. While I'm writing this I'm trying to eat baked beans on toast with fishcakes and potato salad. I've added mozarella to the baked beans for a bit of class. Adding mayonaise proved to be a mistake.

Watched "The French Connection" on TV with my dad. A very good film although slightly spoilt by the fact that it has one of the stupid bits at the end that tells you what happened to the main character. "Detective Lakam was reassigned to traffic duty and later became a paedophile. Big Ted opened a bagel shop and died a few months later in an olive oil fire. Dr Edward Bearskin evaded capture and was last seen in a chip shop in Bolton". That kind of thing. They're usually used by directors to trick you into thinking the film was better than it was. The only film which uses such an ending really well is "Night of the Living Dead"(the original, not the crappy remake). It doesn't use text but instead shows you a series of still photos of cops pulling the dead bodies around with meat hooks. Rememeber "When Hell is full, the dead will walk the Earth":)

Chatted for a bit on the Super Dimentional Fortress. I haven't been using it much recently because I have slow dialup Net access but after last night's sucess I though I'd give it a try again. Megan was there, which was very cool as I hadn't talked to her for ages. SMJ, the guy who runs the Super Dimentional Fortress was also there. Next year we're all going to meet up in Las Vegas for SDF-Con which will be very, very weird. I'm still trying to work out what to give a speach on, and more importantly, what type of cape to wear.

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