Monday, September 08, 2003

Red Kross

I woke at the crack of dawn and headed to the "British Red Cross Charity Shop" in search of books to help me along the path of hacker-mind. I bought the following:
(1)Unix in Plain English
by Kevin Reichard
(2)The SuSE Linux Server
by Paul G. Sery
(3)Java in a Nutshell
by David Flanagan
(4)The Java Tutorial
by Mary Campione
(5)Java in Plain English
by Brian Overland
(6)Java Servelet Programming
by Jason Hunter
(7)Java Servelets by Example
by Alan R. Williamson
(8)Developing Java Beans
by Robert Englander
(9)C++ How to Program
by Harvey M. Deitel
(10)C++ for Programmers
by Leen Ammeraal
The total cost came to 36 quid, about $50 or 8000 Yen. The picture of a dog on the front cover of "Java in a Nutshell" turned out to be a picture of a Javan tiger. Still sucks, though. All good computer books have a large photo of the author on the front cover. This allows the potential purchaser to judge the quality of the books content by how bushy the author's beard is.

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