Sunday, September 07, 2003

Terrorism In A Nutshell

I went to my aunt's office this morning to get her new CD burner working. It didn't take long, so there was plenty of time for daydreaming about setting up a huge software, music and film piracy empire and having a tatoo that said "RIAA RIP".

My mother had advised me that a local charity shop(British Red Cross) was selling some secondhand computer books so I decided to walk past the shop in question to see if the said books were still there. Sure enough I was greeted by a window displaying several fine books included O'Reilly's "Java in a nutshell" and an admin guide to Suse. After I had wiped the vomit from my mouth(O'Reilly covers REALLY make me sick-"Java in a Nutshell" has a line-drawing of a dog on it) it was time to walk home and mentaly prepare for my martial arts lesson. I always take great pleasure in the 50 minute drive from sunny Norwich to equally sunny Lowestoft, but sadly I had forgotten to bring any tapes to listen to so I just had to listen to the music playing in my head. Today it was "The Teaches of Peaches", which is what I would have brought with me, had I not been busy mentaly preparing and eating a cinemon and raison bagel(Lightly toasted with sunflower margerine). On the subject of sunflowers, we have 3 in our front garden that are about 15 foot high(5 metres). Not interesting, but true.

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