Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sick As A Dog

Feeling very unwell. Had the day off work, spent most of it trying not to be sick. Slept a bit, did some study, drank lots of water. Maybe my days will end like this. Maybe the end is closer than the beginning.

I saw this on the website of an artist/designer.
When I was younger, I pretended to be a ninja.
In my heart, I was an astronaut.
So, I told my mother that I was going to be an architect
and went to school to study psychotherapy.
Finally, I realized that I was never happier than
when I would draw on the walls with my crayons.

Never happier, I became an artist.

Norwich now has free wireless Internet access. I haven't tried it out yet, will do on Friday at the Norwich 2600 meeting.

Watched part of "Dead Man's Shoes" on TV. A very bleak and disturbing film. Don't watch it if you ever intend being happy again.

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Suzi S said...

It is so cool that Norwich has wireless internet. Is that throughout the whole city or just the centre? I'm planning to take my laptop to cafes and work in the centre of Norwich already!