Saturday, August 26, 2006

Part-Time Party People

Got into London at 10:30 am. My friend Makiko was waiting for me in the station. We took a gentle walk into central London, talking and enjoying the quiet streets.

Makiko and I had lunch in an Indian restaurant. The food was very good, but the cost bought tears to my eyes. London is double-fucking expensive. And crap.

When Makiko went home, I walked back to Covent Garden to sit in a church courtyard, and read a book on codebreking.

Shortly after 6:30 pm I traveled by Tube to Tooting Bec in order to attend Dr Edward Bearskin's leaving party.

I had been slightly apprehensive about going to an all-night party where I would only know 2 people out of 30. My worry turned out to be unnecessary as everyone was very friendly and I had some fascinating conversations. The food at the party was very good. There was nothing exotic, but everything was good quality and very tasty.

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Suzi S said...

Hey Matt, it's not all bad in London - check out free london