Friday, July 21, 2006

Turing Talk At Hope

In 30 minutes I'll be giving a talk on Alan Turing. If you are reading this far enough in the future that my talk is in the past, and you saw my talk, please post a comment.



Mister Glass said...

Loved the talk at HOPE. I'd never heard about the questions involving his death, don't know why.

I hope you do have a talk about enigma, 'd love to attend.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the talk. I studied the Turing Machine extensively in college several years ago, but never knew anything surrounding his death.

Anonymous said...

That people in Poland had pre-emptively reverse-engineered early Enigma machines before WW2 began, and subsequently the UK denied interest in those materials from Poland during the war; your presentation was the first I'd heard of this. Very interesting.