Friday, July 21, 2006

HOPE Day One

After giving my talk I watched a talk on designing databases which are useful without having to hold personal information. The talk was pretty technical and very well presented.

There's decent wireless here, so I've had quite good Net access, despite the Apple's crap wifi card.

I watched RMS's talk on the video link up. He is very silly. At one point he donned a wizard's cloak and hat...

Tried Jolt Cola, a caffeine-rich cola, for the first time. When I get back to the UK it will be time to quit caffeine again. Might do some exercise as well:)

Attended "Europe Has Hackers Too" by Mc Fly and Frank from the CCC in Germany and Rop from The Netherlands. Rop is a god. He's very hard, very clever and he knows it. I feel he's come to HOPE with the sole intention of telling Americans off, which can only be a good thing.

The next talk was a panel called The Future Of Wireless Penetration Testing. It didn't go into much depth on anything, but it gave some good starting points.

Gave out a bunch of Super Dimension Fortress stickers to some of the HOPE volunteers.

Watched a panel on 2600 meetings. It mainly consisted of Rop telling people off. Great stuff.

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Suzi S said...

Glad the talk went well enough for you to be still writing blog entries. Wish I could have attended it... hope that someone videoed it and I can get a copy.