Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Alive. Almost. Not Quite.

Attended a free seminar entitled "New Media Cheap And Easy". It was aimed at charities, campaign groups, non-gov orgs etc., presumably with a view to encouraging them to use Wikis, blogging and podcasting and other fun stuff.

Most of the attendees were utterly clueless. I don't mean that in a small way, I mean in the sense that they were silly people, doing silly things, and in some cases being paid to do so. Such people annoy me greatly.

The trainer was pretty good. Considering how dumb some of the people were, he did a reasonable job at informing them of how blogs, wikis and podcasts work, and why people should be using them. I enjoyed the seminar because the trainer was lively, funny and well-informed. As soon as I get back from New York I'm going to find some training on public speaking and presenting.

The best thing about attending the seminar was that it has given me a new enthusasm for blogging, and it rammed home the importance of using social networking tools to promote your blog.

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Paul Caplan said...

Matthew, I was the 'trainer' (horrid word). NOt sure I agree about the attendees. A lot of what I said was certainly new, but I was very impressed with how quickly they 'got it'. I'm not sure what you mean by 'doing silly things' if you mean 'making mistakes' etc then yeh, count me in on that too but if you mean the work they are trying to do, again I can't agree. Having worked for large charities, government and big business - give me their work any day! It's local, passionate, real and potentially powerful... a bit like the Live Web.