Saturday, June 10, 2006

Unfair Bookfair

The Norwich 2600 stall looked really good. We had Phil's laptop, which was showing the hacker documentary Freedom Downtime, loads of Ubuntu Linux discs, Freedom Downtime discs, No2ID leaflets and badges, and some random leaflets about the Freedom Of Information Act.

Phil pointed out that I had made a mistake on the Norwich 2600 leaflet. A website address on the front of the leaflet for incorrect. Not a big deal, but annoying nonetheless.

Did some leafletting for the bookfair in the city centre from 10am to 11am. Not much interest from the public. It's possible that a large proportion of them can't read.

About 10 people attended my talk. I covered public key encryption, Echelon, 2600, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ID cards, DeCSS, biometrics

At 5pm I attended a talk by Simon from Ipswich on independent journalism. It was interesting and useful. Simon talked about why mainstream journalism is such a joke and what independent media should do differently. Simon also talked about legal issues that independent journalists should be aware of.

Spent a long time unpacking all the stuff from the bookfair. My bed was covered in leaflets, Linux discs and death. Despite being very tired, I stayed up late surfing and chatting on the Net.

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