Monday, June 12, 2006

My Brain Is Cooking. What Now?

It was very hot in the morning at work. My time was taken up doing nothing in particular.

I had a great lunch. I went to the sandwich shop, as I often do. As I was trying to decide what to eat, the owner suggested I have some pasta salad with tiger prawns. It was fantastic. I still hate the world though.

There were tech issues with web and email servers all day. I spent quite a while trying to call our hosting company. The phone line was busy for ages, so I decided to try to find a mobile phone number for someone working at the company. I spent some time searching on Google and also The Wayback Machine. Within a short space of time I had found out a huge amount about the owner of the company. Such is the power of the Internet.

My cat Tabs woke me up at 2 am because she wanted to go outside. I spent the next 4 hours trying to sleep. It was very hot and very boring.

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