Monday, May 22, 2006


So... There's this thing called "The Internet", a global network of computers and a bunch of services which run on them(email, the Web, AIM etc.) The Internet is generally fun, but silly. Very occasionally, however, the Internet works. I recently made a friend in Taiwan called Angie. I've never met her, I just happened to start chatting to her online because her email address was included in an email I received. Somehow, from chatting to me, Angie has been inspired to learn more about England and also to start a blog in English. For me, this really is the Internet at its best, helping people around the world to make connections and friendships. I hope all my readers will try to make a new friend online in the near future.

You can visit Angie's blog here:

The Norwich Stop The War group organised a film showing at the university. We showed two 30-minute documentaries about Fallujah, an Iraqi city which was decimated during the invasion of Iraq. About 50 people attended, most of whom were students. I had been asked to give a short introduction to the second documentary which gave me a good opportunity to practice my public speaking. I shall endeavor to get some proper training in the near future, probably in London or Cambridge.

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