Thursday, May 04, 2006

Friends In High Places

Went to the post office to renew my passport. The post office is one of the UK's premier terrorist organisations, second only to BT, our monopolistic phone company. I paid 7 UKP, just to have someone at the post office read through my passport application form and post it for me. The passport itself costs 51 UKP. Having the photos taken cost me 2.5 UKP.

The new issue of the 2600 hacker magazine finally arrived at Borders. I had left my phone number on my previous visit, partly so that the someone could give me a call when 2600 got in, and partly because I felt that some of the younger female staff might have wanted to hang out with me. Nobody called. I'm not bitter, but I'll send them all to Hell before this month is over.

In my quest to pass exams, I've been forced to borrow lots of books from the public library. As a consequence of this, and my general dissent into grubbiness, I ran up about 3 UKP in library fines. Having no money, I didn't really want to pay them. There's also a moral dimension, as the library just buys porn at the moment anyway. When I logged into my library account today I discovered that my fines had disappeared. Stuff like this just happens to Karamoon. Life rocks.(Thanks Spoony, you're a prince!)

Went to the editors' meeting of The Great Commotion newsletter. The new issue should go to print on Sunday. It may include five articles by me, making it almost "Karamoon's Great Commotion".

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