Saturday, May 06, 2006

EASF In Ipswich

Met Suzi, Rumiko and Youth Section in the train station. We took the 11 am train. Rumiko was confused by Youth Section's name. The train journey was pleasant and not too long.

We eventually got to Citizens Advice Bureau where EASF was to be held. There were about 30 people, which seemed a lot because the room was quite small. There were several stalls around the room so I put out some copies of the Great Commotion and a load of Ubuntu CDROMS. My friend Louis told me that Ubuntu had come to the rescue in the morning when he realised that the laptop they were going to use for the presentations didn't have Microcrap Powerpoint installed. I had previously give Ipswich Anarchists some Ubutu discs, Loius used one of them to install Open Office, which is semi-compatible with Microcrap Office. We were therefore able to show the Powerpoint presentations that some of the speakers had made.

At every political event anyone organises, there is at least one disruptive person. Fortunately the disruptive man at Ipswich EASF was dealt with very competently by my friend Rebecca. When he started to rudely interrupt people, Rebecca just shouted at him to shut up. This happened a couple of times, but he got the message.

During one of the breaks there was an unpleasant incident involving some strawberries. Various people had provided food to share. Among the food provided were some strawberries. A particularly unpleasant woman complained that the strawberries were imported. The strawberries were not imported, and besides, the woman hadn't donated any fucking food, so she had no right to complain about anything anyway. Just as I was about to drag her out by her hair and smash her head in, I decided not to, and several people argued with the woman. I ate some cake and walked off.

The talks were very good. Most were about environmental issues such as nuclear power, community gardening, there were also talks on nuclear weapons, an independent school and the UK public sector pensions crisis. The talks were only 30 minutes long, which worked very well.

We spent the evening in a noisy pub. Smoke, noise, the smell of old beer, annoying people. What the fuck is the point of pubs?

At some expensive, bland noodles from an Asian restaurant/takeaway called Mizu. They sucked. Never again.

While hanging around in the waiting room at Ipswich train station, I gave a quick demonstration of phone hacking with a public phone. The train journey home was great. Rumiko had left earlier, but we were joined by Jan and Luzie. We had all had a great day, so we felt satisfied and enthused.

Went to Will and Ella's flat. Will lent me the Japanese anime series called "3x3 Eyes". I've seen a couple of episodes of 3x3 Eyes before, it used to be shown on TV
in the early hours in the morning, and was very surreal. Once my life calms down, I'll watch them all, hopefully over the period of a weekend.

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