Saturday, November 18, 2006

Which Type Of Glue Is The Coolest?

I made onion soup for lunch. It was very good. I was not surprised.

Went to the cinema to watch the new James Bond film, Casino Royale. A bunch of us went: Richard, Emily, Penny, Edward Pacman and Guillaume. I enjoyed the film, but I don't consider it to be Bond film. It was far more violent and grim than older Bond films and was spoiled to some extent by stupid product placement for Sony mobile phones and laptops. Judi Dench is miscast as M, the head of MI6. Contrary to popular belief, Dench is not a good actor.

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Chris said...

Violent & grim at least makes it more relevant to Ian Flemings excellent books, which can only be a good thing. Roger Moores films were too much like pantomimes, although I enjoyed them as a child...

Agree with you about Judi Dench, who is more like Bond's irritable upper class mother & obvious product placement which makes you wonder why you're paying money to see an extended advert.