Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shadow Over Long Island

Listened to a radio play called "Shadow Over Long Island" written by Eric Corley, better known as Emmanuel Goldstein, editor of the 2600 hacker magazine. The play was recorded in 1985 and was about an accident at a fictional nuclear powerstation on Long Island. At the time the play was written, a nuclear power station was being built on Long Island, but it was never used. The play was quite good, mainly because it was set at the radio station. Every 20 minutes or so Eric Corley interrupted the play to tell listeners that it wasn't real. It's really worth listening to, you can download the play as 3 MP3 files from

Might quit my job tomorrow.


Chris said...

'Might quit my job tomorrow'

What?? You can't just drop a comment in like that, and leave it! What happened?

Brendan said...

He's leaving us in suspense. Either that or he did something drastic when he quit and had to leave the country.