Friday, December 30, 2005

CCC Day 4: It's All Over For The Unknown Soldier

About half the people at the CCC have left so there's quite a strange feeling here.

"Quantum Entanglement"
I find it hard to get interested in anything quantum-related. I spent most of the talk using my laptop to read the Hack-A-Day website which is a daily listing of interesting projects on the Net for you to try at home.

"Covert Communications On A Dark Network"
Social networks are really, really interesting. Seriously interesting. Before this talk I had not thought about the "6-degrees of separation" theory which states that packages can be delivered anywhere in a system in 6 steps. This was explained in the first few minutes of the talk so I spent the rest of the hour thinking and writing about the theory.

"Lightning Talks Day 4"
I sat through a bunch of lightning talks but few caught my interest. I still think lightning talks are a great idea though.

"The Very Early Computer Game History"
This talk covered computer games from the 40's and 50's. It was a very fun talk but it was more interesting to see old computers than the games that were played on them.

"22C3 Network Review"
Although I didn't directly use the network much, it was nice to know that it was there. The CCC had several connections to the Internet, totalling 20 Gigabits. This is more Internet power than THE WHOLE OF AFRICA.

"22C3 Closing Event"
Lots and lots and lots of clapping. Rop talked about the reactions that he had got from the talk "We Lost The War" which he gave on the first day.

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