Wednesday, December 28, 2005

CCC Day 2: Picking Up The Pace

"A Way To Fuzzy Democracy"
I don't find fuzzy logic massively interesting, but it is quite useful. This talk covered voting systems where the votes aren't of equal weight eg. with a vote on a local issues, the closer you lived to the area the stronger your vote would be.

"3G Investigations: GPRS/UMTS"
I've always considered GPRS to be too expensive, but it's something I'd like to use in the future. This talk covered some basics on how Internet connections work with mobile phones and other handheld devices that use GPRS/UMTS.

"Military Intelligence For Terrorists"
This was really just a talk on GoogleMaps. The only surprising thing was how much people in the audience knew about aeroplanes. They were able to identify most of planes at various airbases that the speaker had found on google.

"Black Ops Of TCP/IP 2005"
Dan Kaminsky's "Black Ops Of TCP/IP" talks are always interesting and always entertaining. I love TCP/IP and it's great to see that there are people in the world who continue

"Search Engines: Oracles Of The Information Society"
Three random guys talking about search engines.

"Old Skewl Hacking: InfraRed updated"
I saw this talk last year at the CCC, and it hadn't changed much. I'm glad I watched it again though because it was very entertaining and besides, you can never know too much about infrared devices.

"Technological Art Off The Trodden Tracks"
This talk started with an overview of various new media art projects, many of which I was already familiar such as stuff from the IAA and the Critical Art Ensemble. The talk then tried to address the question of whether spoof art projects were just as effective as real art projects.

"Corp vs. Corp: Profiling Modern Espionage"
This talk was given by a couple of Italians. They basically said that corporations use very well-known hacking methods to spy on eachother.

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