Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Study Leave

Got up at 8am to begin the next phase of my life. It felt odd not to have to go to work. My running partner Edward Pacman is having a few days off as he works at the local university and term has just started so things are very hectic. I'm hoping that running with him every morning at 7 am will help a lot in my quest not be organised and not just lie in bed when I'm not at work.

I ate some rather stodgy porridge for breakfast and then got down to some study. My study mainly consists of watching IT training cdroms so it's not too taxing. I find that I can recall 60-80% of what I have watched without too much effort. I have piles of tect books which I will try to tackle next week.

I had a heavy lunch consisting of curry, nan bread and rice left over from last night. I then took a walk in the afternoon and returned home to do more study. Yet more study after dinner. I'm starting to find the guy in the training videos slightly annoying but fortunately I'm interested in the material so it's not such a big deal.

Several of my friends from SDF have left brithday messages in the guestbook of my website www.tokyo-robotnik.com I feel lucky to know such lovely people. Please leave a message if you have time.

I'm still buzzing with energy from BrumCon. Although some of the talks were rather weak it was all very inspiring. Only working three days a week from now on will mean that I have far more time for learning important stuff, and less money to waste on unimportant stuff.

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