Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Very Sad Day

Today has been one of the saddest days I can remember. A few hours ago I got home from work to find a small package addressed to me from Canada. I opened it up to find the book "Access All Areas" by Ninjalicious, the editor of Infiltration zine. I had pre-ordered it months ago and completely forgotten about it.

I've been reading Infiltration for many years now. It has always been inspirational in its content and style. It has been a massive influence on my life, and was one of the reasons I started my website and blog.

While sitting on my bed, looking through the book, I noticed a slip of paper in the package. It said the usual thank-you-for-your-support type thing, but also said that Ninjalicious had died in August. I checked this at and found it to be true.

I feel completely devastated. Infiltration meant so much to me, and since I started reading it I always saw Ninjalicious and his girlfriend(later his wife) Liz and role models. Regular readers will recall that I listed them as people I wanted to meet in the very near future. That was the 19th of August, just a few days before Ninjalicious died.

In the past few hours I've been reading various things that fans of Infiltration have written about the tragic news. It's amazing to see how many lives around the world were enriched by Ninjalicious and his zine.

RIP Ninj, you are mourned by many.

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