Saturday, October 22, 2005

By a hair's breadth.

At 8:30 this morning I went to a local barber shop in order to have my hair cut. 30 minutes and 9 quid later I was almost unrecognisable.

At 10:30 I visited my good friend Edward Pacman. Edward had an old laptop which he didn't use anymore and had very kindly said I could have. I now own four laptops, which is a big increase on the one that I had previously. We drank tea together and Ed showed me the telephoto lense that he recently purchaced for his SLR camera. I don't believe Ed is a stalker, but he certainly has the equipment to be one. The camera has a full-auto mode which allows you to take 6 photos in quick succession. Coupled with the sports-mode autofucus system, the camera is ideal for people sitting in cars, photographing girls as they walk by.

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