Friday, December 22, 2006

Eat. Buy. Consume. Then Die.

Takako and Keiko came to my house for an English lesson. We talked about the Japanese economy, the pension crisis that will hit Japan in a few years and also about the changing nature of company culture. The lesson went very well, the best one so far. One possible reason that it went well is that we hadn't eaten a large lunch before starting the lesson.

In the evening I watched the film THX-1138 with some friends. After the film we discussed many of the issues that it raised. I didn't leave until past midnight. I should have gone straight home to bed but instead I spent some time in a phonebox, enjoying freefone numbers while they still last.

Got back home around 1:30 am. Read about the UK phone system for an hour before falling asleep, text file in hand. I dreamt of crossbar, SS7, routing, switching and multiplexing.

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jca said...

Was that the first time you saw THX-1138? It's an amazing film, Lucas' first feature-length! Have fun at the Congress!