Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Work And Play At Google

Gave a friend of the company a quick introduction to Powerpoint, which took up most of the morning. This is the kind of work I like. Sadly there's very little of it in my job. I could go further and say that very little of my life consists of stuff I like, but I won't say that, regardless of how true it is.

Been reading about working conditions at Google. Looks like fun. I half-wish I was working in that kind of environment. I'd probably get tired of true happiness and job satisfaction after a while, but it would be nice to experience it once in my lifetime.

Played around with Facebook. It's crap. There is an SDF group on Facebook, started by Hapiworm, an SDF user in the US. Hapiworm is cool, but Facebook is still crap.

Remembered a great comic strip that I used to read.

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Brendan said...

Facebook isn't crap, you just don't like it because you have no friends on it. Facebook is one of the most impressive sites on the web technologically.

MySpace is crap.