Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday BrumDay

Richard and I searched for somewhere to eat breakfast. There was nowhere. Birmingham on a Sunday morning is not good place to be. We ended up in a Tesco supermarket coffee shop. Resisting the temptation to kill myself, I ate some breakfast and watched Richard try to eat his.

Bal joined us, and we visited the Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery. The museum and art gallery is full of crap. It has the largest collection of bad paintings outside the US, and the staff are double-fucking dumb. The only thing it has to recommend it is the fact that it is free.

We took afternoon tea and looked for wifi networks. After about an hour Lylah and her boyfriend joined us, and we went to China Town for food. We chose Cafe Soya again.

On the train home Richard and I watched Appleseed on my laptop, followed by Sneakers. Sneakers is a terrible film. The people who made Sneakers are all very bad people. Fortunately we didn't watch all of it.

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