Sunday, September 10, 2006

Waterloo Sunset

Watched the first two episodes of 3x3 Eyes, a Japanese anime series. Lots of exploding streets, demons, blood etc. The bit in between are very good though. 3x3 Eyes was made in 1991 so it bears all the hallmarks of classic anime; very big eyes, static backgrounds, big hair...

Started to think seriously about returning to Japan. Looked into the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, an exam held once a year. I will take the first exam, which although pretty basic will still require a lot of revision for me as I haven't studied Japanese for so long.

A friend came over for tea and chat. We went for a walk in the evening sun. Norwich suddenly looked very beautiful.

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Chi-chan said...

Good luck Karamoon.
Please take a look at this and put the good idea into action!