Saturday, September 09, 2006

On The Buses

Got nmap to work on my Powerbook at 1:30 this morning with lots of help from the people in SDF's chatroom.

Had a very strange dream this morning. I was caught by some police while taking some books from a skip. I was not arrested, and was chatting with a friendly policeman, thinking everything was ok. A police woman then said that it had just gone past midnight, so I had to be arrested. I was taken somewhere on a bus with lots of other people who had been arrested. There were other buses with us, probably 5 or 6 in total. At one point, all the buses stopped for a break. One of the people on my bus broke free and drove the bus away from the police. It was so exciting to escape, but frightening as well. At some point I woke up.

Played around with my Apple Powerbook for most of the day. Getting to love my Apple more as I get to know it.

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