Thursday, October 02, 2003

Taking Five At Take Five

Ate lunch with a friend at "Take Five", a cafe run by Cinema City.(see 30/09/03) It's the kind of place that make me want to tear people's skin off. So pretentious with is organic sludge that passes for food. I had something that was described as "a freshly baked baguette with tuna-mayonnaise". It was like eating glue-covered sponge dusted with dishwasher salt. My friend had a jacket potato with blue cheese and mushroom topping that looked like it had been excavated from a site of national historic interest. It is trendy cafes such as "Take Five" that are destroying the few genuinely cool places that we have left.

I read "Private Eye" today for the first time in several years. It was really rather good. Not good enough for me to bother writing much about though.

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