Friday, August 22, 2003

Messing With Nature

Watched "Pheonix Nights" but couldn't enjoy it much because everyone kept talking. Thought about inventing a selective ear filter system so that I wouldn't have to hear other people talk crap to me. I got quite far with the design(in my head) but just as I was about to make an amazing breakthrough I gave up and forgot all the cool aspects of the invention.

One invention that I will put some serious time and effort into inventing soon is the "Karamoon Teralung". A Teralung is like an aqualung that allows one to breath underwater when SCUBA diving except that it's allows an octopus to breath on land. It's always been a dream of mine to have a pet octopus that I could take for walks and attack people with. An octopus could probably jump about six feet(2 m) in the air and grab onto someone's face. It could, it it was hungry, eat the persons face using it's beak. That would be soooooo kewl. The terra lung would look like a pair of oversized, water-filled headphones. The water-filled chambers would cover the gills of the octopus, allowing it to breath. The water would have oxygen bubbled through it and the carbon-dioxide would be removed by using a filter. One problem with my design is that a octopus's eyes are designed for seeing through water so they wouldn't work well when used for seeing from air. My pet octopus would thus spend a lot of it's time bumping into things, but it can't be helped. Trying to put glasses on a octopus is just plain dumb.

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