Sunday, August 24, 2003

BBC Bullshit

Recieved guests and went to my martial arts lesson. At the lesson I studied "Jutte Jutsu", which is fighting using a traditional Japanese police trunchon. The jutte is made of iron and has a hooked part for catching knives and swords. Using the hook to catch colds is unlikely to be sucessful.

Watched "TV's greatest characters" on Channel Four. I was rfeminded once again that British TV was the best in the whole world. Watching the BBC at home and listening to BBC Radio One at work has convinced me once and for all that it's time for a strong campaign against the BBC, led by yours truly. Sometime next month I'll make a new website, "BBC Bullshit" and start calling every BBC programme. Soon the BBC will crumble and I'll be able to replace it with "The Karamoon Broadcasting Allience". Or something... Fuck the BBC etc.

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