Thursday, September 01, 2016

I have terminal cancer.

I had a large cancer (4cm) removed from my bowel 4 weeks ago.

This was not cancer treatment, it was just to stop my bowel getting blocked, which is a fatal condition.

It was not possible for the surgeon to reconnect my bowel because there so much cancer in my body.

My recovery has been slower than expected. I had pneumonia after my surgery, and my intestines took many days to start working.

I had a second operation to put a tube between my shoulder and heart, for the chemotherapy.

My cancer is terminal, it cannot be cured. The average survival time is just 5-7 months
Generally chemotherapy is the best way to slow down cancer and extend life. It often gives people an extra 6-12 months of life.

But some research has shown chemotherapy on its on doesn't work for my cancer, because my cancer has spread to a membrane called the peritoneum. This is a type of internal skin that protects the organs of the abdomen.

So I need very advanced treatment to help the chemotherapy work, namely immunotherapy. This could give me longer to live.

Living longer means more time with my children. But it also means the chance of more treatment. Cancer treatment improves every year.

But can I live long enough to try the newest treatments?

Immunotherapy is a way of attacking cancer directly, using the body's immune system. The immune system can't usually attack cancer, it needs a lot of help and training. That's what immunotherapy does.

Immunotherapy is very expensive. I need about 15,500 UK pounds (2,000,000 Yen) for the first cycle of treatment. But my sister has already raised 12,000 pounds, so we are very close.

Can you help me? Can you make a donation, even if you've already donated? Even a small donation helps a lot because other people see it and it makes them want to donate too.
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