Friday, April 01, 2011

Indonesian Indie Music

If Music Could Talk

Scottlo, who I consider to be my main teacher at the moment, recommended that I listen to an Indonesian mix tape called "Perempuan". As the name suggests (at least to those who understand Indonesian), all the songs feature female vocalists.

It's a great mix of music, but three tracks stand out:
"The Tears Never Stop Until I Close My Eyes" by Sarin
"Lagu Hujan" by Amazing In Bed (originally by Koil)
"For Now" by The Wispy Hummers

I'm still waiting for Scottlo to talk about Southeast Asia, and Thailand in particular...

You can, and should, listen to Scottlo here:

You can download the mix tape here:

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Anonymous said...

greetings from Indonesia,
we are so glad that you like our release :)