Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Career Opportunities

Dear Reader, I hope you are impressed that I continue to use Clash songs as my blog post titles...

Recently I've been thinking about what to do with my life. Here are some of the options:
(1) Become a Memory Man.
(2) Teach Tai-chi.(I'd have to learn it first, obviously)
(3) Teach study skills and memory techniques to children and adults.(but nobody in between)
(4) Go into space.
(5) Become a card sharp.(but I'm concerned about the passive smoking)
(6) Write and direct a film.
(7) Write and publish a novel.

Please leave your advice as a comment. Thanks.


Rick said...

Nice. What's a Memory Man? Someone who remembers stuff, or a RAM salesman? Both perhaps?

Karamoon said...

A "Memory Man" typically travels around remembering things. He makes his money by doing memory shows, corporate events and after-dinner talks. Obviously if I were to become a memory man I'd also use the events as opportunities to sell discount RAM and USB flash drives.
- Karamoon

guruPhil said...

I thought it was "Card Shark" :-)

I'm glad to read you're so-far OK, what with all the weather and stuff?