Saturday, November 01, 2008

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

The first of the month is cheap cinema day in Japan so I watched some cheap cinema in Ebisu.

Ebisu is a lovely place, close to Shibuya but very different in character. Before watching the film I went to Good Day Books. Although I have many books, I felt it necessary to buy some more. Buying books at Good Day Books is very unpleasant for several reasons. The books are expensive, their condition is poor and most of them are trashy novels which the dumb Americans here read. The main reason that shopping at Good Day Books is so unpleasant is that the owner is a total, utter, fucking cunt.

Despite the above, I bought "Secrets And Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World" by Bruce Schneier and "Call For The Dead" by John Le Carre.

The cheap cinema I watched was "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead", directed by Sidney Lumet. Good, but grim.


Joseph said...

I took some books there on Monday. It was my first trip there, and I must admit, I was left in a state of shock at how badly I was treated. the owner was so rude to me when I first walked in that I nearly walked straight out again ...but really wanted to get ride of those books.

I figured it's because he's been locked up in there too long.

Anonymous said...

I was in there recently and walked out leaving my books on the counter. The eldery man has a terrible personality problem.

If you want to enjoy your experience there you must do as follows:
1. Prior to your trip, read some fantastic literature that will make you feel superior to those around you.
2) Wait until the effect begins to weaken and just at the point when you are able to tollerate the common man, enter the store.
3) Be sure to look down on a few customers, and sneer at at a few others who are looking for anything other than those works associated with the finest minds.
4) Stand near the counter and wait for some dupe to buy an "enjoyable" book. Utter something in latin followed by a laugh and give a knowing nod to the old guy.
5) If he takes you bait, your in. You can actually buy a book without being spit on - as long as the book it is very dense and thoroughly unenjoyable
6)If he doesn't take your bait, your dead. Better have some kleenex handy cause some spit is coming your way...or your could just as easily go to the Blue Parrot...or

Best of luck.