Monday, December 24, 2007

On Learning Japanese

For about the 50th time, I've started to put more time and effort into learning Japanese, with a view to improving my comprehension and also passing the level 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Exam in December.

It would seem that all over Japan free(or very cheap) Japanese lessons are provided for non-Japanese. When I lived in Japan previously, I attended lessons run by the local government. The lessons were very bad, but at least I didn't have to pay.

Anyone learning beginner's Japanese should watch the anime series "Ocha Ken". Each episode if 3.5 mins long, and 26 were made. Ocha Ken means "tea dog". All episodes can be downloaded here:


Anonymous said...

I have recorded all eight of the BBC Language programs to Pc and hope to make them available for DL. Just as soon as I figure-out why I can't ftp to SDF.

Ok I know it's the BBC but it's better than nothing.


Al said...

It's a very good idea to lern Japanese from anime. One I tried to do so. I memorized by heart several epizodes of an anime with almost no pior knowledge of Japanese. It was a great leap in my ability to understand Japanese. I believe, for a person who tries to learn a foreign language but doesn't have much time for it (who does?) it's a really good opportunity to instantly jump into the language rather than climb the hill for years.

Great idea! Thanks!