Friday, October 19, 2007

On My Hands And Knees

I spent a good chunk of the day on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floor of what will become my language school. The only scrubbing brush available was one designed for cleaning pots and pans. Such is the life of the entrepreneur...

Unsurprisingly, I have very little money and lots that must be bought. Somehow I have to obtain 6 ceiling-mounted spotlights, 17 folding chairs, six folding tables, a wireless intercom system, 3 desks, 2 sets of bookshelves and a filing cabinet in the next two weeks.

I am, of course, confident that by the end of the year the language school will be making enough money to pay for the printing of the first few issues of Tokyo Robotnik magazine, as well as pay my new hobby: the collection, cataloging and preservation of false moustaches.

1 comment:

guruPhil said...

Dirty scrubber :)

I'll have to come and see you when I have some money. Visiting Japan is still a dream I need to make real!

Well done for following your heart and going home. It's quite an achievement. Miss you dude.