Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mitch Altman

I got to know Mitch a little in New York City last year while attending the HOPE conference. I actually met Mitch before the conference at New York radio station WBAI, where we were both waiting to go on the show Off The Hook. I got on well with Mitch from the beginning, and we talked quite a bit at HOPE. Hanging out with him in Berlin has been a really great experience and just goes to show that life can be good sometimes:)

(Photo by Jacob Appelbaum)


scott said...

Why were you appearing on Off the Hook?


Karamoon said...

Scott, the Off The Hook show was the one before the HOPE conference in NYC. Because I was giving a talk on Alan Turing at HOPE I was able to go on the show. You can download the audio of my talk from video will appear on Google Video and Youtube soon.