Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kein Mitleid Fur Amazon

Called the scum at Amazon again about the Ethernet ADSL adapter that they have failed to send me. I spoke to a woman this time. After calling the order-fulfillment centre she informed me that the item was, and always has been, in stock and that it hadn't been sent to me because the Amazon computer system couldn't cope with the fact that my one of my registered phone numbers didn't start with +44, the dialing code for the UK. The most sensible course of action would have been to commandeer a car, travel to the nearest Amazon office or depot, and send the managers and supervisors to Hell, possibly through the use of petrol and/or under-cooked chicken(which is lethal in the UK) Being such a sporting chap, I instead asked for an explanation to be emailed to me and a money off voucher...

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