Monday, January 03, 2005

Kid's Return

I walked to Amsterdam central station without using my map. I had to pay for my ticket to the airport using Maestro as I didn't have any change and the ticket machines didn't take 20 Euro notes. I found the Easyjet check-in desk and joined the queue. It was already quite long, even though check in had only been open for 10 minutes or so. I passed through security, and went to the departure gate.

Arrived at London Luton airport at 8:45am. It was the most pathetic airport I've ever seen. Took a train into central London, then took the tube to London Liverpool Street station when I could catch a train to Norwich. I noticed that several people on the train had portable DVD players. I might get one soon. My aunt picked me up from the station, which saved me from the hellish experience of getting a bus.

Ate pasta alla carbonara for lunch.

Had a long bath.

Listened to The Clash.

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