Saturday, June 05, 2004

It's Cool For Cats

Had a very long and depressing bath. Amazingly I didn't drown myself. I emerged clean but close to tears.

Met Richard and Henry in the city centre. We ate organic vegan cake and discussed arrangements for going to Notcon tomorrow.

My parents returned from their week-long trip to the Lake District. They had come back via Scotland to see my sister.

Listened to a best of Squeeze album. It included "Cool For Cats", which is very good, "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Up The Junction", which is one of the greatest tracks of all time. Up The Junction also has a great video consisting of the band playing in someone's kitchen. "Alone here in the kitchen/ I feel there's something missing/ I'd beg for some forgiveness/ but begging's not my business/ and she won't write a letter/ although I always tell her/ and so it's my assumption/ I'm really up the junction". Genius.

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